Top 3 Talks at MTPCON 2018

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I had the chance to attend the Mind the Product conference #mtpcon in London this year and it was amazing. It’s the world largest event on product management with over 1,700 product enthusiasts from about 50 countries come together for one day to share their thoughts and listen to some of the leading people in the field of making products.

My head was full of new ideas and ways to do my daily work when I returned backe home. The talks covered different aspects of product management, starting from “creating products that make people’s live better” (Kim Goodwin), over “focus on building the resilience of ourselves and our teams” (Ryan Freitas) to “working with legacy services and technologies that you didn’t design” (Sally Foote).

So it is not easy for me to say “this talk was the best” as the level of all speakers was so awesome. But I like to bring out three talks that stuck in my head even two months after the event.

Embrace Your Imposter Syndrome

Martin Eriksson (the leading head behind Mind the Product) opened the day talking about the Imposter Syndrome product managers often suffer from as we are generalists in a world full of specialists you usually work with. Read the full article on

Building Successful Communities of Practice

Emily Webber talked about what powerful tools communities of practice can be to enable individuals and increase the effectiveness of companies. These communities bring together people who share a common interest to further develop together. Read the full article on

Get Comfortable Breaking Your Product

You only failed if you failed to learn! A really simple but so true statement by Rik Higham. He used the term “experimentation” to make clear, that breaking things mindfully around a hypothesis and take a look at the metrics you come up with the best solutions. Read the full article on

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