Top 3 Talks at MTPCON 2018

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I had the chance to attend the Mind the Product conference #mtpcon in London this year and it was amazing. It’s the world largest event on product management with over 1,700 product enthusiasts from about 50 countries come together for one day to share their thoughts and listen to some of the leading people in […]

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3 Agile Lessons Learned in 2016

Posted on January 8, 2017 | Tagged as: , , | 1 comment

The start of a new year is always a good point of time to reflect about the way you work. What went good, what went wrong. Well, for me, I identified three simple insights from my agile work in 2016 I will keep in mind for this year. Don’t be dogmatic and adapt the agile […]

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5 Thoughts on Agile Requirements Analysis

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Agility has become a widely practiced approach for developing and maintaining IT and software products. But there are still some concerns to use it for large or critical systems. “Requirements first” is one of the strongest arguments of the agile opponents. As a requirements engineer I totally agree with this… but when you take a […]

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Design for experience

Posted on September 22, 2008 | Tagged as: , | 1 comment

Digital New Media products offer a range of asthetic, ethic and functional qualities that need to be considered while creating those systems. Qualities such as enjoyment, fulfilment and fun are not properties of the used technology. They are better thought of as outcomes of certain kinds of experience with or through this technologies. In order […]

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From Search to being Found

Posted on January 2, 2006 | Tagged as: , | 0 comments

As a source of information, the internet ranks higher as television, books, newspapers or the radio. That’s a fact. Another one is, that the amount of information in the word wide web growths rapidly from day to day. Search engines do a good job in helping people to find what they are searching for (or […]

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Creative concepts – creative management

Posted on November 7, 2005 | Tagged as: | 0 comments

Interacitve projects are mostly multidisciplinary projects that suffer from being neither a technical nor a mere conceptual one. These projects require therfor a special kind of management that gives the producers the creative space they need and the project managers a clear line to track the process. So these projects and concepts demand for a […]

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Pragmatic and hedonic quality of software systems

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Good software products are more then just usable and effective. They stimulate and motivate the user to work with them and to perform a certain task. These factors can be used to describe the soft qualities of a system beside the technical ones like stability, performance and features.

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