Digital Brand Experience

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Ubiquitous access to data and information, instant communication and electronic processes have changed the way how brands are recognized by and presented to the user. New tactics and strategies are required to come up with these demands and to create a unique digital brand experience.

A brand is defined through the intellectual and emotional associations people have with a company or a product. Experience describes anything our senses percieve and the interaction between people and the world. Both factors deal with feeled apsects of humans interacting and communicating.

Unlike years ago, this interaction and communication happens through interactive platforms like handhelds, mobile phones and of course common computer interfaces. They’re digital. And they’re experienced in a total differnet way.

Digital brand experience requires holistic understanding of brands, business processes, technology, usability and communication and user needs. A solid concet design, enriched with marketing strategies and a clear information architecture, implemented with innovative technology make up the corners.

The important aspect here is that development is equal to concept and strategy. The interaction and the experience that comes with it influences the users reaction.Technology has become more than a simple enabler.

The user experience when interacting with a brand in the digital world should be comfortable, intuitive, consistent and trustworthy. These principles form a solid structure upon which to build a foundation of usability, information design and brand application. This also means that creating this experience is an ongoing philosophy rather than a single process. Adapted right, it can create positive returns in revenue and loyalty.

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